Johnny King



Written, produced and performed by Johnny King



Whoo, yeah c’mon


Sitting at the party, rocking back and forth 

Acting like you divorced your legs from the dance floor

Girls are saying they want more fellas to get on the floor

Somebody screams, got to be J. King on the scene, you know that I'm a party fiend

So of course I stay dressed, Dolce Gabana, Versace, yes, know I have to impress

Can't come with nothing less, than all of my gusto

Cats wanna battle but they don't know, just which way I go

You might be right, but don't you know that my game is tight

Got you right in my sights, best believe all the hype

We're gonna rock tonight (yo, can you meet me on the dancefloor?)



Got to march yourself to the dance floor

Got all these shorties and they're all screaming more

Got so much that they wanna show you

Want you to think, that they know you

Got to march, yourself to the dance floor

Got all those fellas and they're all looking for

Just the right girl that they wanna flow to

Want you to think that they know you


The after party, sitting in V.I.P, and everyone's eyes on me

But I wonder who is she, no doubt the baddest shorty, then she walked right past me

She goes to dance, the girl has got me in a trance, I don't wanna lose my chance

(Will I back out?) No, I'm just gonna have to show, everyone how hard I go

Time to march to the floor, I'm showing off moves

Slowly moving closer I gotta be smooth, now she's bopping to my groove

We're in the spotlight, girls and guys to the left and right

This party’s going on all night, probably ‘til the morning light

Man this joint is extra fly





Girl when we're dancing it's just us, Oh

Just take your time no need to rush, Oo

Guys grab a lady on the floor, Oh

Have these girls begging you for more.




Yo, I can do that, c’mon