Johnny King


Written, produced and performed by Johnny King



Intro: chorus vamp.


You and me chilin’ at the club                    

You met this bad ass shorty, then you fell in love

Now it’s been three weeks since I heard from you

I been thinking ‘bout sending my rescue crew

What Tommy said really said it all 

Saw you carrying some chick’s bags at the mall

Standing on line with them skinny jeans

Looking like Ashton Kutcher in a movie scene



And you're crazy bout her

And you can’t live without her

Cause she’s blown your mind (yeah)

D.I.M.E. She’s a dime 

Crazy ‘bout her

And you can’t live without her

Stole your money and your time

D.I.M.E. she’s a dime


Verse 2

Now how you got whipped I didn’t understand

So I had to come up with a master plan

Figured some time for us to hang out

To show you that the dollars is what she’s about

She invited a friend to tag along

Now this is where it gets funky in this song

‘Cause she came through the door with the faded jeans

Looking like a model in a magazine

(She’s fine) (she's bad) woo (a girl like this I never had)

Now you and I have nothing but time

With these skinny jeans on line


Chorus 2

Crazy ‘bout her

Now I can't live without her

‘Cause she’s blown my mind (yeah)

D.I.M.E. she’s a dime

Crazy ‘bout her

And I can't live without her

Took my money and my time

D.I.M.E. she’s a dime



By the time she’s got her hooks in you (got you begging)

It’s too late to figure what to do. (oo-oo-oo)

But you won’t ever want to get away

She knows what to do to make you stay (put that thing on you every day)


Chorus out…