Johnny King

Daddy Loves You

Johnny King
Johnny King


Written, produced and performed by Johnny King



As I bounced you on my knee

Daddy had dreams of how you’d turn out to be

Make me proud

When you guys were babies, boy you could scream so loud

And dinnertime,

One of you’s sleepy, the other wants to climb, out the chair

To keep you guys safe we in-tro-duced you to fear,

A big mistake, because

When innocence leaves then guilt moves in right away

But that’s okay, cause



You can never say I love you too many times

Or hold your loved ones for too long

Time is the one thing we’ll never get back, so

Give it your best all along, and remember this



That Daddy loves you

Daddy loves you

I adore you, baby

And I’m all for you, yeah



High school, your big day

I knew you’d ‘B Sharp’ when you finally hit the stage

And I was proud

And your eyes lit up when you saw me in the crowd

To represent

It’s times like these reminds me you were heaven sent, just for me

And Daddy made sacrifices you couldn’t see

Or understand

While I’m my dad’s kid you’ve only known me the man

That I am



So father and child we grew apart

But I only wanted what’s best for you

My actions don’t always reflect my heart

I did I all I knew to do, so remember this



That Daddy loves you

Yes Daddy loves you

Yeah, I adore you

I’m all for you, baby



But there came a time when you didn’t wanna talk to dear old dad

Never thought I’d hear words like I hate you, that made me real sad

We’ve had our times when we both felt so all alone

It’s pain and pride that makes us not pick up the phone



Your all grown and I’m still proud you’re my child

But who would imagine you’d live your life out loud,

Louder than me

We seldom crossed paths and we don’t always agree

Neither did mine

But life is so short that we should not waste our time

With what is now his-story

We could not be more different though you look just like me, that’s what they say

And the harvest we reap’s what we’ve sown along the way

Daddy loves you baby         


As I bounced you on my knee

Your daddy had dreams of how you’d turn out to be

Daddy loves you